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A THRIVING Business…

1. Capable people that create a great culture and have the capacity for exponential growth.

2. A clear strategy that focuses on the strengths of the business, their unique differentiators and related market opportunities.

3. A culture of execution that has clearly defined success, they frequently measure critical results, and embrace accountability.

The “applause” these companies attract is a growth and profitability trend in the top 10% of their industry… an enviable position.

Ultimately, the ability to create and monetize the value of the business at a price well above the industry average.

Your Guide Up The Mountain

Kent McKown Business Executive Growth Consultant


Principal & Founder

Kent has spent his life as a student of the fundamentals of organizational growth and value creation. He has over 25 years of C-level roles and advisory experience. His experience as a thought leader and problem solver has been applied and tested among a vast array of business challenges. He has led and advised many growth and transition stage companies through start-up, high-growth, turnaround, capital restructuring and strategic combination. Additionally, he has coached and advised hundreds of growth-minded CEOs and leadership teams. He creates clear strategies, develops leaders, and realizes significant revenue, profit, and value gains. His work has led to monetizing over 30 successful exit transactions.

Kent’s past successes have been a result of his unique understanding of the human side of business. He attributes much of his success to the ability to expand the capabilities and capacities of the people within the businesses.

Kent’s passion and his pinnacle for success in life is to become all I can with all that I have and help others do the same. He loves to create possibilities in life and business. This is reflected in how he lives his life, as well as how he serves and inspires others to reach these pinnacles.

Kent’s background includes following current and prior designations and licenses: Certified Public Accountant; Certified Valuation Analyst; Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor; Certified Exit Planning Advisor; Certified Value Growth Advisor; FINRA Series 7 and 79 – Securities and Investment Banking.

Kent works with and creates leadership teams that are truly committed to significant growth and exponential value improvements.

Kent is also a speaker, presenter, and storyteller.

He resides in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife. They have three sons and seven grandchildren.

Achieving results


Business strategy and execution are two crucial pillars that underpin the success of any organization.

A well-defined business strategy serves as the roadmap that guides an organization towards its long-term goals and objectives. It involves setting clear goals, identifying target markets, assessing competition, and crafting a unique value proposition. A robust business strategy also involves analyzing market trends and consumer behavior to stay ahead of the curve. In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it’s essential to continuously refine and adapt your strategy to remain competitive.

Effective execution, on the other hand, is the process of translating that strategy into tangible actions and results. It requires meticulous planning, resource allocation, and a dedicated team to ensure that every aspect of the strategy is implemented efficiently. Execution involves setting clear goals, defining roles and responsibilities, monitoring progress, and making necessary adjustments along the way. Successful execution requires a strong organizational culture, effective communication, and the ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges. When business strategy and execution work in harmony, an organization can not only survive but also thrive in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.


Leadership is vital for sustained success.

In our work, we ensure each leader becomes deeply ingrained into the entire organization’s DNA, improving trust, deepening accountability, and heightening performance. This level of leadership cascades throughout the organization, ultimately producing outcomes that are consistent with desired intentions and stakeholder promises—and allowing teams and individuals to powerfully navigate any set of circumstances.

By aligning the right individuals with the right roles and responsibilities, we create a strong foundation for your organization’s capacity for growth and success.


Growing revenue, profit, and business value is the ultimate goal for any organization looking to thrive and succeed in a competitive market.

Increasing revenue starts with a focus on sales and customer acquisition. This can involve expanding your product or service offerings, entering new markets, and developing innovative marketing strategies to attract and retain customers. It’s crucial to understand your target audience and tailor your offerings to meet their needs and preferences. We accomplish this with little to no additional marketing spend.

Growing profit goes hand in hand with revenue growth but also involves managing costs and improving operational efficiency. Cost control measures, such as optimizing supply chains, reducing overhead, and negotiating favorable supplier agreements, can contribute to higher profit margins. Furthermore, businesses should focus on pricing strategies that maximize profitability without alienating customers.

Ultimately, the growth of quality revenue and profit will positively impact the overall business value. Business value is often determined by factors such as profitability, growth potential, market position, and the strength of the company’s assets and their associated risks. By consistently increasing revenue and profit while maintaining a strong balance sheet, a company can enhance its overall value, making it more attractive to investors and potential buyers, and ultimately securing its long-term success in the marketplace.


Transactional advisory services are essential for businesses looking to execute strategic exits. We work closely with business owners and stakeholders to prepare the company for sale, developing a comprehensive strategy to maximize the objectives of the owners. We manage the entire process, from identifying prospective buyers to negotiating favorable terms and structuring the deal to achieve the best possible outcome. Our experience and expertise in deal negotiations, valuation, and navigating the complexities of the M&A process ensures that clients achieve optimal results while minimizing risks and challenges associated with exiting their business. Ultimately, these services are crucial for businesses seeking to realize the potential of the business and achieve successful exits.

Additionally, when the time comes to consider a sale or monetize your company’s value, our transactional advisory expertise ensures you get the best possible outcome for navigating an acquisition, divestiture, or a complete exit.


Clear Vision & Strategy

Capable Executive Teams

Significant Business Growth

Years of Growth Leadership

Successful Exit Transactions

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